Well, to be obvious, I changed the theme/layout of the site, and upgraded it to Comicpress/Easel. It took me like 4+ hours to convert all the posts to “comic posts”, but I think it was worth it… Anyway, I did this to make things kind of more organized around here, I guess. I’m still tweeking things around the site. Feel free to let me know if something’s jacked up or not working right.

Oh yeah, also, I’m not sure if this will jack up RSS feeds. I didn’t think about it until like right now. (I didn’t think this through.) I don’t know if the current RSS feed that people are subscribed to will pick up comic updates or not, since it’s different from a regular blog post? Ugh. I really hope the feed still picks up comic posts. If somebody knows, please please please let me know. Thanks!