Wellllll, um, hmmmm… Now, you’ve all gotten a little taste of what makes me tick. I’ve tried not to divulge too much personal stuff with you all, because I fear it will bore you, annoy you or drive you away. (If I ever wrote a memoir, it’d be titled, “How Lose Friends and Alienate People”). Anyway, I’m super indecisive (you should see how it takes me to just decide what to eat at a restaurant) and occasionally I’m annoyingly impulsive like I was with making that damned poll. REGRETS.

I feel bad that I’ve been jerking all of you around… And I’m touched that many of you didn’t mind sacrificing color for more updates. Also, I understand that some of you want things to stay the same. So, I’ve been doing a ton of thinking since I made that blasted poll, and I came to what I think (and I hope you agree) is a reasonable solution. I’ve decided to compromise. Starting next Monday, the 29th (LEAP DAY!) I will begin updating twice a week (Mon & Fri), but I’m gonna take the color down a few notches. It was just too time-consuming, and I was kind of using as a crutch. It was initially just an experiment, but it kind of got out of hand. Anyway, with this way, I think everyone wins! Thanks for bearing with me, everyone! I appreciate your patience!

Now, here’s some random, unrelated Clexa fan art because why not: