I’ve been planning on making a Patreon thingy for The Night Belongs to Us basically, but one of the things that was holding me back was my indecisiveness. I wanted to start one partly in hopes to hire a colorist. I did the math, and it would be pretty expensive to get a good one and pay them fairly. So, I sat around on it. Finally, I thought, what if I just didn’t do color anymore? Wait, hear me out.

When I started The Night Belongs to Us, I thought no one would want to read it if it wasn’t in color. It’s probably because I worked as a theme park Caricature artist for so long. Customers showed so much disdain for black and white. But, I just recently realized a lot of my favorite comics aren’t even in color (Strangers in Paradise, Rachel Rising Bone (originally), Black Hole, Lady Snowblood, Uzumaki, Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron.) I guess I was just really insecure about my own abilities.

Also, in regards to the Patreon, I was planning on adding goals that would allow me to have more updates per week, and a big factor on moving forward with it is the coloring…

So, I thought I’d ask you, the reader, what do you think? Do you care if TNBTU is color or not? Let me know! If the majority of y’all want Black & White, I will start updating 2 pages a week immediately. Otherwise, things will stay as is for now. The Patreon goal amounts for more updates per week will reflect on what’s decided.

Here’s a example of how it could look:TNBTU0810-BWNOTE – The shading for future pages would actually have a lot less deatail than this.

This poll will be active until Midnight (UTC−06:00) of Saturday, February 27.
EDIT- I moved it up. Now it ends Midnight on Monday.
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Which would you prefer?

The power in your hands. If you feel strongly (or mildly or whatever) about it either way, feel free to speak your mind in the comments below.