Uh-oh… Don’t bring up Macintosh being an orphan to Hank.

Art Tip: If you wanna draw wood grain, than just draw a bunch of intertwining vajayjays.

gofund Hey, guys, I’m freaking out. In case you haven’t heard or noticed the “gofundme” buttons/widgets littering this site, I’m still running a fundraising campaign to pay for my hosting that’s ending soon, like this weekend soon! I really hate asking for help. My family can vouch for me on this. But you don’t want this to be the last page you read, do you?! Of course not! Shit’s just getting good. (Also, this is unintentional bad timing.) So, if you wanna do something to help, click here! I’ve decided to extend to deadline to April 5th because I forgot that banks don’t tranfer on weekends, so having the last day being on a Friday is pointless. Heh.

And to those who’ve already donated, Thank you, OMG, THANK YOU! I’ll be contacting you Monday, and I’ll be doling out those rewards during in the next two weeks.

But for now, I’m going to sleep.