Yeah, sorry about the super late pages, but I at least I managed to catch up, right? So, my computer is slowly dying. Recently, my computer has been telling me “This copy of Windows is not genuine.” I don’t how that happened… Can Windows expire when it’s old? WTF? So, anyway, it’s been a total nightmare doing anything on my shitty computer… Especially, any comics. These goddamn pages took forever to do only because I had to constantly reboot, and sometimes my computer would just freeze and I’d end up losing shit if I didn’t save. I redrew a lot of parts on these pages several times. After a while, I was constantly saving, but that sucked too because whenever I save, it takes literally five to ten minutes to do it. A few times, my computer just straight up froze when I was saving. My god… I need to find a solution quick, because I don’t know if I can keep this up while keeping my sanity.